Wednesday, August 27, 2014

N O W P L A Y I N G Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

I hope Nicki already got over her wardrobe malfunction in her recent performance at MTV VMA. I really think she handled it very well though the malfunction really stole the show and the succeeding headlines over the BANG BANG performance with Jessie J. and Ariana Grande. Anyway, Anaconda really brings that old cool swag of hip-hop songs. It sounds like it came from a Bring it On soundtrack used for the cheer dance music. There is something contagious about the music that makes you feel popping your butt even though you're skinny and got no buns, hun. HOHOHO. Happy booty shaking!



Sunday, August 17, 2014

T A L E N T S O F T O D A Y featuring Tamerlane Oscar

"The Red Light" published by © VOGUE ITALIA | Published: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 | | Concept and Modeling | Tamerlane Oscar | Image | Jowee Gabiran (Art + Commerce & Gallery Stock New York) | Head Stylist | Margeaux Jerushka | Styling Assist | Triish Romans | Grooming | Andrew Jardenil of MAC | Art & Set | Gerry Castro | Designer | Mark Tamayo | Accessories | Ablaze Artwear & Artcessories By Luis Romero Ablaza III | Special thanks to Councilor Irma Alfonso, Ava Alfonso JusonJurrish SledgeMark Dela Peña, Bryan-Bryan Peralta, Jose Joy Chicano, Renan Jay Pacson, Nere Ku & Robert Joon Ku.

Model Name: 

Tamerlane Oscar


I'm a vampire.



Ethnic Origin: 

Chinese, Spanish


My fat lips LOL

"Oriental Night" published by © VOGUE ITALIA | Published: Thursday, August 22, 2013 | Link: | Concept and Modeling | Tamerlane Oscar  | Image | Jowee Gabiran (Vogue Italia's Art + Commerce Contributor & Represented by Gallery Stock New York) | Head Stylist | Margeaux Jerushka | Styling Assist | Triish Romans | Grooming | Andrew Jardenil of MAC  | Art & Set | Gerry Castro | Accessories | Ablaze Artwear & Artcessories By Luis Romero Ablaza III | Apple Inspired Organza Coat | Jose Joy Chicano | Satin Printed Top | Bryan-Bryan Peralta | Shoes | Nere Ku | Special thanks to Councilor Irma Alfonso, Jurrish Sledge & Joon Ku.


Nobody's got time for that?!

Health and Fitness Regime: 

Exercising everyday, swimming, tennis, running w dogs. I really love to practice different sports, so I don't really have a specific regimen.

Favorite Food: 

I have great appreciation on how Korean food is made and prepared, but my mum's deadly chicken gives me happiness for days! 

Favorite Movie:

Dark Knight

Favorite Song as of the Moment: 

Bomfalleralla by Afasi & Filthy

"Pulp Boy" | Published: 01/13/2014 | | Modeling and Art Direction | Tamerlane Oscar | Styling| Margeaux Jerushka & Tamerlane Oscar | Grooming| Ilich Monroy | Photography| Jowee Gabiran (Gallery Stock NYC) |Asst.| Ryan Caliwan | © VOGUE ITALIA 

What is your biggest fear?: 

Shouldn't fear anything when you have God in your heart. 

What is your dream country to visit?: 


What was the last dream you remember?: 

A mouse was running after me. 

Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?: 

Britney Spears and Jollibee 

What’s your favorite fashion city and why?: 

New York City 'cos its fucking New York City!

Ain't Got No Time To Sleep! Let's Party Like We're The Kings Of Nowhere!  | Photography | Joseph Pascual | Styling | Mike Magallanes and Gelo Arucan | Grooming | CJ Cuison and Sari Campos | Models | Bruce Venida, Rutherford Perez and Tamerlane Oscar.

How were you scouted? 

At age 13, I was the one calling, every agency, scout, company, etc. I scouted them.

What’s your best feature?


Favorite Model:

Ugh! So hard to choose just one! From supers like Kate Moss, Tyson Beckford, money makers Sean O'Pry & Simon Nessman, quirkiness of Coco Rocha, Cole Mohr & Sebastian Sauve', to new ones Sung Jin Park, Soo Joo Park, Hyeongsop Park & Abiah Hostvedt. I can go on and on and on....But I can't forget my friends Chris Colton and Ria Bolivar.

If you could be on the cover of any magazine, what would it be:

L'Officiel Hommes 

What’s your most memorable model moment so far?:

Every moment is memorable when I get to wake up and get to do this very peculiar kind of work!

Model Mantra:

Don't think I have one. 

You're The Inspiration | Photography by Joan Michel for HUF Magazine NYC. | Style | Margeaux Jerushka | Grooming | Red Castro | Designs | Jinggo Inoncillo, Bon D. Penaranda and Joco Comendador | Model | Tamerlane Oscar @ PrimaStella Mgt.

Aside from modeling, what else you want to do/achieve?:

I think I would still prefer to be in fashion or maybe make films, live my days as an Art Director and surround myself w creative people.

One word to describe yourself: 


Twitter name:


Instagram name:


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